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TeachPlus specializes in teaching English language to 4-12-year-old children in rural China. You can teach from home while interacting in a live classroom with students based all over China.

3 features of Teachplus


As an online teacher you will teach in real-time to students in a classroom half-way across the world. Plus, with a local teaching assistant in the classroom, you will be able to utilize interactive learning strategies that both challenge and assist students to the highest levels of English language learning.

Rural children

China is a vast country and English education is not accessible to all children, especially those residing in rural areas. Through technology, we aim to bring our specially developed English curriculum to students all over China, giving them opportunities for a brighter future.


We attract the highest quality teachers with experience in EFL, which is why we can pay on average 50% more to our teachers than the average online teaching company. We offer 22-30 USD/ hour, which is competitive and shows how we value our teachers and their abilities.

TeachPlus Online English Teaching

Meaningful Work, Think Meaningful Teaching!

Teaching children who lack support is very meaningful.

We are building the live classroom in Chinese rural community to support their ESL learnings. This Live classroom allows online teachers to conduct phsycial activities, which are essential for young learners

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Chinese rural area

Online Group Leson

Teach at home

Able to make online lesson Interactive

with Chinese teaching assistant

Happy learning

Using tactical material

Explore the unlimited possibilities of online teaching

Through the most advanced technology, teaching online with TeachPlus no longer means sacrificing interaction and a true connection with students. Our years of experience in this industry means we have tried and tested a variety of interactive activities and have come up with the best! Cooperative learning, peer assessment, and consistent and periodic retrieval activities allow for the highest level of classes and thus the highest level of learning for students.

How can we offer such a competitive wage?

Our innovative business model makes tuition fees affordable enough for students of all economic backgrounds, while still allowing online teachers an appropriate wage for their experience and efforts.

We do so by:

  • Using group lessons so students are able to share the cost and thus make the instruction affordable for all
  • Utilizing empty classrooms afterschool
  • Cooperating with local schools to use their existing resources

  • Teaching with Teachplus has been a wonderful experience for me. Even though the only interaction with the students is through the computer, it’s amazing how much of a connection you are able to build. Getting to know the kids and seeing their excitement and improvement week after week is definitely the best part of the job. Additionally, you’re really able to flex your creative muscles as you have to think of the most effective ways to convey the meaning of the material while making sure the students have fun and feel encouraged. Teaching with Teachplus is a unique experience that I would highly recommend to teachers looking for a new challenge.

    Jessica Perl, Online Teacher

Student Focused

We have been featured in famous media outlets all over China